Outreach & Missions

One of the church's primary missions is to make our facility available to groups that need space. A great deal of time and energy is spent working in and around the church building. We take great pride in the fact that many of the users of the facility who are not mainstream church attendees consider us "their church" and feel welcome.

Our church members also spread the Good News through community involvement and leadership. Many members hold positions in public office, serve on the boards of local non-profits, and are active in our local community activities including The Liberty Theater.

A weekly "Change for Charity" change collection gathers funds for local missions, including Project Timothy and the Food Bank. Weekly offerings are taken to support our ongoing work and that in our conference and wider missions, such as Strengthen the Church, One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, the Christmas Fund, and Church World Service.

Our Adult Study Group participates in a micro-loan program through KIVA; currently we are engaged in loans with Cecilia in the Philippines who is raising pigs to sustain her family and community, and with the Rwengo Farm Group in Uganda. A previous loan to a farmer in Tajikistan has been repaid in full.